Gaultheria shallon (N)

Flat Quantity
  • Price per plant: $5.00

    Ground covers in 1 gallon pots 

    8 plants per flat

  • Plant Description

    Height: On average, 30-60 cm (12-24")


    Spread: 60 cm (24")


    Soil: Average to poor soils.


    Exposure: Partial sun and/or partial shade.


    Flowers: White to pinkish flowers in spring.


    Berries: Purple berries in the fall.


    Cold Hardiness: Zone 6-9 (hardy to -23°C or -10°F)


    Suggested Uses: Naturalizing; Add floral greens to garden.


    General Information: Drought tolerant; Deer resistant; Native; Coastal plant; Evergreen.

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